Shimadzu SIL-HT Dual Gradient System (DGS)


SIL-HT Dual Gradient System (DGS)

The SIL-HT Dual Gradient System (DGS) will improve sample throughput in your laboratory with a minimum of hardware. The built-in system controller enables the DGS with several advanced pumping modes. Dual Binary Gradient mode delivers single point control of two independent gradient LC streams for dual column processing and staggered injections. As an LC front end for mass spectrometry, the DGS simply makes sense, delivering spot-on repeatability and greatly improved sample throughput, alleviating the chromatography bottleneck typical of a single column approach.  
The system uses two integral 6-port, stream selection valves to direct flow on-demand into the injection path, then into the analysis column and detector of choice. In a typical plumbing scheme, one valve directs the LC stream into the injector path, and the other valve directs the analysis stream to the detector of choice or to waste. The utmost in flexibility according to the application is realized with the use of time program events for stream selection.  
The DGS can significantly increase overall sample throughput by eliminating time lost to column conditioning, and a column stream may be directed to the detector(s) of choice at the user's discretion. In laboratories such as drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), throughput is critical and time cannot be wasted waiting for systems to equilibrate. Using the DGS, two general approaches are used to automate this process; Alternating Analysis Files or a Single Analysis File with Pretreatment. Either way, throughput can be doubled with even the most complex gradient profiles and column conditioning needs.  
In such environments, the dual column, dual sample set approach also ensures data integrity by injecting all samples from a specific sample set onto one specific column. In practice, the DGS draws samples in an alternating fashion from opposing sample racks for injection into alternating column streams.  
The SIL-HT DGS is built around the strengths of Shimadzu's highly successful SIL-HTC autosampler, offering high speed (15s), excellent repeatability and near zero sample carryover from its needle-in-the-flow-path design and a patent-pending needle surface processing technology. Even with the additional stream selection valves of the DGS, the SIL-HT can inject highly basic and absorbent samples with undetectable carryover levels. The autosampler provides control of sample temperatures from 4 to 40ºC.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • Single-Point Control of Two Independent Gradient Streams  
  • Dual Column Processing  
  • Staggered Injections From Alternating Sample Sets  
  • Effectively Doubled Sample Throughput  
  • Off-line Column Conditioning  
  • Stream Switching Valves With Flexibility For The Application  


SIL-HT Dual Gradient System (DGS)

SIL-HT Dual Gradient System (DGS)

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what components does this include? does it work with sciex analyst 1.6.2 1.6.3 in staggered mode does it produce 2 data streams? does it need the MPX driver? or just the shimadzu sciex integrated driver?

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