Varian 240-MS GC Ion Trap


240-MS GC Ion Trap

The Varian 240-MS Ion Trap delivers unparalleled capabilities for both research and routine applications with reliability you expect from an industry leader.


  • Unsurpassed sensitivity (200 femtogram OFN)    
  • Less maintenance and high reliability to deliver maximum productivity    
  • Accurate identification and quantification of trace analytes    
  • A unique choice of configurations with internal and/or external ionization    
  • Intuitive software that makes operation simple    
  • Powerful MS/MS and CI options    
    The 240-MS offers a range of advanced ionization and scanning techniques to enhance selectivity and limits of detection. MS/MS and MSn reduce matrix influences and provide more detailed structural information. Take advantage of positive or negative chemical ionization for compound confirmation and enhanced selectivity. Varian MS Workstation controls the 240-MS with a full complement of productivity, reporting, and regulatory compliance tools.    


240-MS GC Ion Trap

240-MS GC Ion Trap

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Changes have occurred to the Varian, Inc. product lines. On May 14, 2010, Agilent Technologies completed the acquisition of Varian, Inc. (Varian), a supplier...

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Autosampler CP-8400

Autosampler stops part way through injection cycle. Right before pre-sample washes. The swing arm finds the sample vial then swings back to home and stops. Software says the autosample is connected to SID-2, but its connected to SID1. No faults...

Module 240-MS/4000.56: Fault (STOP) in received

HelloI have a Varian 450-GC with a 240-ms detector unit, and now appeared to me a problem in signal acquisition, in which all system diagnostic tests pass correctly and I can do the auto-tune in the system correctly. But then when I try to do the...

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