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The CILAS 1180 sets a new standard in particle characterization. Its integrated wet and dry dispersion modes, built in video camera and short optical path make it the most versatile instrument available anywhere. The unique design of the 1180 provides a measurement range from 0.04 to 2,500µm while maintaining an extremely small footprint.


  • Permanently aligned optical system Our background in the aerospace industry gives us the technical know-how to develop an extremely rugged system. The 1180 has all optical components permanently mounted on a rigid cast iron baseplate. This design eliminates the need to ever realign the system, thus ensuring the highest level of performance.
  • Short bench conceptThe integration of a CCD camera offers customers the ability to measure an extended range of samples while maintaining a short bench design. This unique design provides for a more rugged and reliable analysis tool. The short bench concept allows CILAS to significantly extend the measurement range without increasing the size of the instrument.
  • View particle shape along with particle size Adding a CCD camera allows the CILAS 1180 to gather particle shape information along with the traditional particle size distribution data. Our Particle Expert software includes extended calculation models for the shape characterization of your product.
  • Integrated wet and dry mode Change from wet to dry mode in software with just the click of the mouse. Our innovative design eliminates the need for the operator to swap hardware when switching modes.
  • Free fall module The 1180 includes a free fall module for customers wishing to analyze samples in their naturally agglomerated state.


cilas 1180

cilas 1180

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Over 30 years ago, CILAS developed the world's first diffraction laser particle size analyzer for industrial applications. Since then, CILAS has been...

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