Thermo IEC Micromax (OV)


Micromax (OV)

The IEC Micromax is a ventilated compact Centrifuge. This model offers powerful high speed performance with little noise; this gives you the ability to perform your daily research with less distraction. This model is easy to operate with touch panel and digital displays (RCF, rpm, and time). Included with this model is the 24 place IEC 851 rotor.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Lid stuck

We've been using this centrifuge for years. It has always required a little elbow grease to get the lid closed, but today we cannot get the lid to release off the latch that holds it closed! The electronic display reads "error 001" and the...

question about micromax thermo IEC

Hi, i want to know if it possible to put the 2.0 ml eppendorf on the rotor 851? thank have a nice day!!

No power? How to manually open lid?

Hello everyone, I have recently purchased an IEC MicroMax (OV) centrifuge. Something has gone wrong with it, and was listed as "no power, not tested". I would like to investigate the problem by removing the case. In order to do that, I must remove...

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Configuration: As Shown

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