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AAnalyst 400

With the AAnalyst™ 400 spectrometer, you get a reliable, trouble-free flame atomic absorption (AA) solution flexible enough to meet the challenges of the most routine analyses and the most demanding applications. The instrument’s robust WinLab32™ for AA software combines ease-of-use with greater flexibility to provide an even higher level of productivity, reducing the time required for method development, sample analysis and report generation.       
Also, the modular design of the AAnalyst 400 ensures easy maintenance and allows you to simply replace components for quick service – saving time and money – while getting your instrument up and running right away. Designed with extensive input from lab managers and AA users around the world, the AAnalyst 400 provides all the tools and features needed to quickly start running samples and meet the needs of today’s laboratory.       
Plus, through the addition of an HGA® 900 graphite furnace, you can quickly and easily interchange from flame to furnace AA analyses.       
And finally, a full assortment of AA consumables and accessories is available to meet your most demanding application measurement challenges.
AAnalyst 400
Graphite Furnace No


    Rugged design can handle the toughest matrices       
    Modular parts are easily replaced so there is no downtime       
    WinLab32 software is easy to learn and easy to use for increased productivity       
    PerkinElmer reliability and performance at a price that is easy to afford       


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Copying workspace from one instrument to save on another

Would someone guide on how copy a workspace from one AA400 to save on another.thanks



Print Active Window Results

Hi,I have been saving my results by Printing the Active Window. However, I ran over 100 samples and about the first 15 samples were cut off and I've closed the program already. Where/How can I retrieve the results after I've closed the program or...

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