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AAnalyst 700

The PerkinElmer AAnalyst™ 700 high-performance atomic absorption spectrometers with WinLab 32 for AA software features an automated motorized atomizer exchange that allows switching between flame and graphite furnace AA by a simple software command.
AAnalyst 700
Graphite Furnace Yes


The instrument is equipped with a high performance burner system and TotalFlow™ gas controls for flame AA and a Heated Graphite Atomizer (HGA®) graphite furnace with deuterium background corrector. The graphite furnace system includes True Temperature Control (TTC) and integrated platform tubes, providing full Stabilized Temperature Platform Furnace (STPF) conditions for almost interference-free trace metal analysis. The built-in, high-capacity AS-800 autosampler adds exceptional productivity and flexibility.       
The AAnalyst 800 utilizes the industry leading WinLab 32 for AA software that brings a new level of productivity to high-performance atomic absorption. The optional Enhanced Security (ES) software adds additional capabilities needed for regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11.


AAnalyst 700

AAnalyst 700

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Range of AAS for measuring Copper

I'm a postgraduate student who is preparing Standard Solutions for the Calibration of an AASpectrophotometer. May I know what is the linear range of the AA Spectrophotometer for measuring copper (Cu) , it is 0 to 5 ppm ? or higher...

flame shuts off

flame shuts off after running for a few seconds

Flame :No Air Pressure

When i switch the instument it gives me no air pressure error, i have checked air pressure is ok.

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