Sorvall Micro MC12V


Micro MC12V

This Sorvall MC 12V centrifuge includes 18 place 45 deg fixed angle rotor that accepts centrifuge tubes as well as tube size of: 12mm x 40mm. Variable speed up to 12000 RPM depending on rotor. Max RCF: 9,864G to 12,127G depending on rotor. 0 to 30 min timer. Pulse button. Speed dial setting. Quiet operation. Double-latch door lock mechanism must be engaged to initiate run. Door can not be opened at speeds greater than 230 rpm during deceleration.
Micro MC12V
Centrifuge Type Microcentrifuge
Maximum RCF 12127 xg depending on rotor
Maximum Speed 12000 rpm depending on rotor
Orientation Benchtop
Refrigerated No_



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is this unit adapable to 50mL containers???

If I were to acquire the sorvell centrifuge, can I place a rotor with 50mL sized tubes within it??

Door does not open

The top door does not open even after rotor has stopped completely. The handle is stuck to"1" and cannot be moved.

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