PerkinElmer DSC 8500


DSC 8500

Pushing the limits of science – Our hyper-enabled, double-furnace DSC 8500 is truly revealing   
We are proud to introduce you to our DSC 8500. This new double-furnace DSC, features our second-generation HyperDSC® technology. Now you can gain unlimited insight into the structure, properties and performance of your materials and gain the best applications capabilities in the industry. And with our newly designed autosampler, you’ll be running samples faster then ever before.   
Give you laboratory unlimited potential with our DSC 8500.
DSC 8500
Temperature Range -180 to 750 °C
DSC Type Power Compensated DSC
Heating Rate .01 to 300 °C/min


  • Extremely fast controlled scanning rates to 750ºC/min  
  • In-situ ballistic cooling to 2100ºC/min, enabling experiments that mimic real-world processes  
  • Extremely fast data readout rates (100 points/second) providing high data integrity  
Typical applications for the DSC 8500:  
  • Characterization of pharmaceutical materials  
  • Polymorph characterization in pharmaceuticals  
  • Process studies in pharmaceuticals  


DSC 8500

DSC 8500

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peak on base/zero line in interval 250÷350°C

Instrument is without sample, without reference. After cleaning procedure are 3-4 followings base line correct, follow-up base line has the peak in this temperature range. This action is repeating. If is measuring of standards, In, Zn on the...

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