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The second generation Tescan VEGA-II Series is a family of state-of-the-art, fully PC-controlled SEMs with a host of advanced features:  
  • Exclusive Wide Field Optics™ design opens up many new advanced capabilities of the SEM  
  • Sophisticated, easy to use software using Microsoft Windows™ XP Professional or Vista  
  • Password-protected, Multi-level User Accounts - Ideal for multi-user labs  
  • Clean, fast turbomolecular pumping, no water cooling  
  • A wide range of chambers and specimen stages  
  • Extensive computer automation of SEM setup and control functions  
  • Comprehensive software for image archiving, measurements, processing, and analysis  
  • Built-in Remote Operation and Remote Diagnostics  
  • Excellent analytical geometry for EDX, WDX, and EBSD analysis  
  • Very competitive price/performance ratio  
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Since 1988, Tescan USA has provided high quality, dependable scanning electron microscopy products and services. Tescan USA offers wide range of scanning...

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Lenses unit" and "scanning unit" errors

Dear admin, Could you please help me how to solve "Lenses unit" and "scanning unit" errors. The software on Tescan noticed that there are Lenses unit" and "scanning unit", so I could not do the experimence...

vacuum unit

Wrong answer from vacuum unit, maybe cable is unplugged!

About the problem in the vacuum unit

Hello I've got a problem in the microscope TE Scan Vega2: Version Is it possible to help me find out the cause of the problem **Wrong answer from   vacuum unit, maybe cable is unplugged** Knowing that the power cable connected to a...

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