EVO® LS 10

The EVO® LS 10 will be the SEM of choice for many users.    
It is an outstanding solution to the challenges of Life Science imaging. Artefact free imaging of specimens from the Life Sciences is ensured with water vapour introduction and the optional Coolstage.    
With environmental control capability as standard, and easy to use SmartSEM software, the EVO® LS 10 offers a perfect imaging solution to the Life Science community. From amoeba to zooplankton, the EVO® LS 10 will provide a new imaging experience for the Life Sciences. The optional LaB6 source provides stable high brightness operation that is particularly well matched to the imaging in humid environments.
EVO® LS 10
Accelerating voltage .2 to 30 kV
Electron Microscope Type SEM
Microscope Type Electron
Power Requirements 100 - 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz single phase, no water cooling requirement
Additional Specifications Magnification:     
< 7 - 1,000,000 x    
Field of View:    
6mm at the Analytical Working Distance (AWD)    
X-ray Analysis:    
8.5mm AWD and 35° take-off angle    
OptiBeam®* Modes:    
Resolution, Depth, Analysis, Field, Fisheye    
Pressure Range:    
10 - 400 Pa (MA Series)    
10 - 3000 Pa (LS Series)    
Available Detectors:    
BSD – Multisegment Diode    
ETSE – Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector    
VPSE – Variable Pressure Secondary Electron Detector    
SCD – Specimen Current Detector    
310mm (Ø) x 220mm (h)    
Maximum Specimen Height:    
100 mm    
Image Framestore:    
3072 x2304 pixel, signal acquisition by integrating and averaging


  • Environmental ( water vapour control) imaging    
  • Standard backscatter imaging    
  • Peltier Coolstage option    
  • High brightness LaB6 source option    
    New features    
  • Remote Diagnostics over the internet    
  • Larger stage movements    
  • Navigation by imported images from other digital sources    
  • Improved LaB6 imaging for x-ray analysis    


EVO® LS 10

EVO® LS 10

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Founded as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in the German city of Jena in 1846, the Carl Zeiss Group of today is a global leader in the optical...

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stage is not initialised

We used EVO LS 10. We encountered stage is not initialised. We troubleshooting according your manual. But we found stage is not initialised. Joystick can't move any XYZ. What should we do?

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