PerkinElmer Flexar SQ 300 MS


Flexar SQ 300 MS

Verify. Quantify. Simplify.             
Designed for HPLC and UHPLC applications, the Flexar™ SQ 300 MS is the ideal detection solution for analysts seeking a fast, accurate and powerful analytical system to make their labs and workflows more efficient and productive. It’s the ideal solution to identify, confirm and quantify compounds with complete confidence.             
Flexar SQ 300 MS detector is the ultimate “molecular weight machine” featuring advanced design solutions in ion source and mass spectrometry technology. Providing soft ionization in rugged design, Flexar SQ 300 MS delivers productivity in the most challenging laboratories workflows.             
The Flexar MS detection system combines the most efficient chromatographic separation with fast MS detection capabilities, to attain a new level of sample insight through speed, confirmatory analysis and best-in-class sensitivity.
Flexar SQ 300 MS
Mass Range 20 to 3000 m/z
Mass Resolution .6 amu
Scan Speed 10000 amu/sec
Additional Specifications Analyzer Performance Specifications:                   
Mass Accuracy: + 0.1u/24 hr; ± 3ºC            
Mass Axis Stability: + 0.1u/24 hr; ± 3ºC                          
Polarity Switching: Standard            
Quant. Dyn Rng: 10 e5            
Ion Sources:            
ESI: 0.004 - 1.4 mL/min (no split)            
APCI: 0.05 - 1.5 mL/min (no split)            
Dual ESI: 0.004 - 1.4 mL/min (no split)            
Sensitivity Specifications:            
ESI+SIM: S/N =120:1 RMS 1 pg/ ul reserpine @ 400 ul/ min MeOH/ H2O            
ESI-SIM: S/N =100:1 RMS 2 pg/ ul p-nitrophenol @ 400 ul/ min MeOH/ H2O            
APCI+SIM: S/N =100:1 RMS 1 pg/ul reserpine @ 1.0 ml/min MeOH/ H2O            
APCI-SIM: S/N =100:1 RMS 20 pg/ ul p-nitrophenol @ 1.0 ml/min MeOH/ H2O            
Operation, Software and Misc:            
Software: Chromera® rev. 3 or higher            
Operating System: XP SP3            
Syringe Pump: Built -in            
Built in Injector/Diverter: Optional            
Turbo Pump: 30/200/200 L/sec            
Roughing Pump: Edwards® E2M28            
Operating: 10 ºC to 35 ºC            
Gas Requirements: N2 @100 psi >97% pure, hydrocarbon free; Required ~20-30 L/min


  • HPLC & UHPLC applications: Powerful FlexarTM LC front end allows Flexar SQ 300 MS to be used in a wide range of applications from HPLC to UHPLC.            
  • Rugged design: Wide range of desolvation flows and choice of solvent composition enabled via innovative ion source design.            
  • Superior ionization technology: Patented ion source design allows modulation of electric field that allows ionization preserving molecular structure even for weak compounds.            
  • Ease of use: Snap-in probe design allows easy and fast interchangeability to minimize cross contamination, autotune algorithm allows easy tuning and optimization of performance.            
  • Source ID: Built-in source transponder transfers source ID to software allowing use of proper calibration parameters.            
  • Speed: Superior chromatographic peak resolution and spectral integrity achieved through fast acquisition rate.            
  • Sensitivity: Best in class sensitivity in positive and negative ion mode for ESI and APCI applications through the adoption of patented design ion path that optimizes efficiency of ions transfer.            
  • Intuitive interface: Chromera software provides multi-detection capabilities and streamlines workflow.            


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