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Pyris 1 TGA

Get unsurpassed accuracy with the Pyris 1 TGA As innovators in developing thermal analysis instrumentation and software, the Pyris™ 1 TGA is built on PerkinElmer's 35 years of experience. Our instruments provide the answers researchers need to solve tough industry problems.     
Our TGA embodies the next step in thermogravimetric evolution: simplicity and ruggedness in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, automated system. Never before has there been a TGA more perfectly suited for demanding routine environments and R&D.
Pyris 1 TGA
Temperature Range 50 to 1500 °C High temperature furnace
Depth 60 cm
Height 67 cm
Width 28 cm
Power Requirements 100 to 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz
Weight 40 kg
Additional Specifications TGA design:    
A vertical design with a high sensitivity balance and quick response furnace. The balance is located above the furnace and is thermally isolated from it. A precision hang-down wire is suspended from the balance down into the furnace. At the end of the hang-down wire is the sample pan. The sample pan’s position is reproducible.   
Sample Atmosphere:    
Static or dynamic, including nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, air, oxygen, or other inert or reactive gases.   
Analyses done at normal or reduced pressures.   
Standard furnace    
Temperature Range: Subambient to 1000 °C   
Scanning Rates: 0.1 °C/minute to 200 °C/minute   
Temperature Precision: ±2 °C   
High temperature furnace    
Temperature Range: 50 °C to 1500 °C   
Scanning Rates: 0.1 °C/minute to 50 °C/minute   
Temperature Precision: ±5 °C   
Tare: Reproducible to ±2 Μg   
Sensitivity: 0.1 Μg   
Accuracy: Better than 0.02%   
Precision: 0.001%   
Capacity: 1300 mg   
Hang-down wires:    
High temperature quartz, nichrome, or platinum   
Sample pans:    
Standard Furnace: Platinum or Ceramic with capacity of 60 ΜL   
High Temperature Furnace: Platinum or Ceramic with capacity of 250 ΜL   
Sample mass range:    
Up to 1300 mg   
Forced air cooled with an external fan and internal booster purge   
Standard Furnace: 1000 °C to 40 °C in less than 15 minutes under normal operation   
High Temp Furnace: 1500 °C to 100 °C in less than 30 minutes under normal operation   
User control:    
Operates on Pyris software, fully tested on Windows® operating system.   
Hyphenated techniques Compatible with the Spectrum One as well as most other FT-IRs and mass spectrometers (MS).   
Gas switching:   
Fast, thorough and efficient due to reduced furnace volume. Less than 3 minutes to purge the sample area of ambient gases (remove 99% of oxygen) and replace the volume with an inert purge gas. 10 minutes to achieve a 99.99% oxygen-free environment.   
Quality assurance:    
Developed under ISO 9000



Pyris 1 TGA

Pyris 1 TGA

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Fuse Location

Hello, Where is the internal fuse on the Pyris 1 TGA?  There is supposidly one on a circuity board. Thanks.

The sample temperature does not respond to set temperature

When I set the linear ramp of temperature between 30-600°C, if the sample has a weight loss at about 450-500°C, the sample temperature (and also the temperature visualized on instrument display) does not follow the set temperature, and at...

Pyris software and Windows OS

Does anybody know the latest Windows OS that is compatible with Pyris 3.8?  I inherited an old system from a retired colleague.

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