Netzsch DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®


DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®

The DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®, High-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter, is part of the economical NETZSCH F3-product line, which is specially tailored to the requirements of comparative material characterization and quality control.  
The DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®, High-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter, can be operated from -150°C to 2400°C with various DTA and DSC sensors that are easily exchangeable by the user and various furnace types. (please see accessories)  
The sample chamber can be purged with inert or oxidizing gases in order to remove gases evolved from the sample.  
The measuring system is vacuum tight (10-2mbar).
DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®
Temperature Range -150 to 2400 °C


  • Determination of onset, peak, inflection and end temperatures  
  • Automatic peak search  
  • Transformation enthalpies: analysis of peak areas (enthalpies) with selectable baseline and partial peak area analysis  
  • Complex peak analysis with all characteristic temperatures, area, peak height and half-width  
  • Comprehensive glass transition analysis  
  • Automatic baseline correction (DSC, DTA)  
  • Degree of crystallinity  
  • tau-R Mode: takes into account the time constant and thermal resistance of the instrument and reveals thus sharper DSC effects from the sample (optional)  
  • O.I.T. (oxidative induction time) evaluation  
  • Specific heat determination (optional)  
  • BeFlat® for automatic DSC baseline correction (optional)  
  • DSC correction:  
    evaluation of exo- and endothermal effects under consideration of system time constants and thermal resistance values (optional)  


DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®

DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®

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