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MKT 50

In combination with two highly precise Platinium Resistance Thermometers your MKT 50 Millikelvin Thermometer measures the temperature to the highest level of accuracy. MKT 50 is by far the best-priced thermometer for applications which require a low measuring uncertainty of 0.01 °C to 0.001 °C.
MKT 50
Depth 9.5 in
Height 4.3 in
Width 7.5 in
Power Requirements Mains adapter 7.5 V or 2 x AA batteries supply
Weight 4.4 lbs


    Highest accuracy  
  • Resolution 0.0001 °C (0.1 mK)  
  • Measuring uncertainty over the whole measuring range 0.001 °C (= 1 mK)  
  • Anton Paar's patented direct current measuring method (previous models MKT 25/100)  
    Temperature calculation according to conventional methods  
  • DIN IEC 751 for industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT)  
  • ITS-90 for standard thermometers (SPRT: Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer)  
  • Comparison calibration (PRT) or fixed point calibration (SPRT)  
  • Calibration data for 30 sensors can be saved  
    Highest stability - easy adjustment  
  • AD converter does not drift  
  • Adjustment of the internal reference resistance by connecting a standard resistor  
  • Automatic new calculation of the reference resistance in less than 2 minutes  
    Modern interfaces plus battery and mains operation  
  • LAN connection (Ethernet)  
  • Serial interface RS-232  
  • Mains adapter  
  • Battery operation: 2 AA batteries (>10 hours)  


  • MKT 50
  • MKT 50
MKT 50

MKT 50

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