Netzsch DIL 402 PC


DIL 402 PC

The newly developed DIL 402 PC dilatometer combines easy operation, high adaptability to different applications and outstanding performance in one instrument.
The optimized design of the measurement system with inductive transducer offers a high degree of reproducibility even without an external chiller.

The horizontal design with easy to move furnace makes it simple to place samples into the large recess of the tube-type sample carrier, even with less than ideal sample geometries. A thermocouple in direct proximity to the sample yields reproducible temperature measurement. This also allows use of the c-DTA® Software for calculation of endothermic and exothermic effects in the sample as well as determination of all the characteristic expansion values.

The interchangeable furnaces with temperature ranges up to 1200°C and 1600°C serve varied applications for expansion control in solids in the areas of quality and production control.


  • Plotting of the absolute or relative expansion/shrinkage curves
  • Various correction options:
    - correction of the system’s own expansion behavior with either a calibration measurement or sample holder correction
    - offset correction
  • Semi-automatic routines for determination of onset, peak and end temperatures
  • Glass transitions and dilatometric softening points
  • Analyses in accordance with DIN (German standards)
  • Automatic softening point detection
  • Derivation of curves for determination of the temperature- or time-dependent linear expansion rates
  • Expansion coefficients: calculation and graphic presentation of the technical and physical expansion coefficients
  • Analysis of sintering temperatures
  • Automatic determination of the shrinkage during a sintering step


DIL 402 PC

DIL 402 PC

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DIL 402 PC Install problem.

Hi EveryOne. Our computer which connected with the instrument was infected virus, so we have to reinstall the windows and reinstall the netzch software. But we found some problem when reinstalling ADD-ON Usb. we already do how to solve...

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