Nikon Eclipse E400


Eclipse E400

A standard laboratory microscope whose superior ergonomics, and unsurpassed optical imagery combine to make it the ideal clinical microscope. The E400 is designed to fit the user rather than forcing the user to fit the microscope. Optimized for comfort in extended clinical applications.


Advanced Ergonomic Design -- In-line focus and stage controls are ergonomically positioned to allow a natural sitting posture for comfort and convenience even over long periods of use. Ergonomic binocular tube allows adjustment of the eyepiece tube tilt angle and the eyepiece length to suit a range of individual operators. Comfortable, compact, solid and stable body design - allows for less operator fatigue during long periods of observation. Excellent Optical Performance -- Brilliant, sharp images in all magnifications along with high resolution and contrast, chromatic aberration free correction (CF), and top transmission rates. They also allow the use of multiple observation techniques such as brightfield, darkfield, epi-fluorescence, phase contrast. Low profile stage. 5 Position, reversed nosepiece. Total flexibility and versatility to accommodate various attachments such as epi-fluorescence, dual head and multiple head teaching systems without compromising optical performance and stability.


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Looking for a Nice Nikon Eclipse E400

We would like to add a nice mircoscope to our lab for blood smear analysis. If anyone has any feedback on how the Nikon Eclipse E400 has worked in a histology or hematology or even microbiology lab please let me know. Or if you are looking to sell a...

moving the coarse knob and clamp knob

I can'nt move these knobs to adjust the stage they feel to be stuck does this ment the knobs are bad can new knobs be install

Light goes out, or does not come on.

The light goes off on its own, will not turn on at all sometimes, but the bulb is fine. The Nikon rep said the bulb is not being allowed to slowly build up to bright but attempting to jump directly from off to bright. There seems to be an electrical...

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