Netzsch LFA 447 NanoFlash®


LFA 447 NanoFlash®

Determination of thermophysical properties is quick, easy and cost-effective with the new LFA 447 NanoFlash® Light Flash System.

A high-performance Xenon flash lamp takes the place of the laser, which is usually employed for this proven technique.

With the integrated sample changer for 4 samples, it is possible to run measurements on several samples automatically. The easily-accessible sample carrier allows short setting periods for test preparation and a high through-put of samples.

Unique is the optional scanning device (MTX) for flat samples up to 50 mm x 50 mm for determining differences in the thermal diffusivity over the entire sample surface with a spatial resolution of 100 µm in the x and y directions.


  • Accurate pulse length correction
  • Heat-loss corrections, all literature models are integrated
  • Non-linear regression for Cowan fit
  • Improved Cape-Lehmann model through consideration of multi-dimensional heat loss and non-linear regression
  • Radiation correction for semi-transparent samples
  • 2- or 3-layers systems: analysis by means of non-linear regression and consideration of heat loss
  • Determination of contact resistance in multi-layer systems
  • Model wizard for selecting the optimum evaluation model
  • Determination of specific heat by means of a comparative method and standard samples
  • Integrated databank


LFA 447 NanoFlash®

LFA 447 NanoFlash®

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for flexible thin films

Can we measure the thermal diffusivity of flexible film devices? What is the sample holder that is to be used?What would be the total costpls send details

No Instrument detected

I'm having an issue with the 447 not connecting in the Nano Flash software. Checked the com port and it is functioning, however when i run the Nano Flash software I receive Communications with hardware failed. Any thoughts?

Working of LFA 447 NanoFlash for a Two Layer Sample

I am working on thermal diffusivites of Zirconia which is deposited on Stainless Steel. I wanted to know how exactly the machine works for a two layer sample. For substrate I am using Cowan method and for the coating of Zirconia 2l heatloss model.

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