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Labophot 2

The Labophot 2 is a sturdy, versatile microscope offering research-level performance and a modular system that makes it highly adaptable for clinical, biological, industrial, and educational laboratories. The Labophot 2 utilizes the Nikon CF optical system, which yields high-quality images attainable only in costly research instruments. Housed on a simple rugged stand, the Labophot withstands the heavy demands of constant laboratory use. It is available with either a forward or rear facing quintuple nosepiece, and a 6-volt, 20-watt Köhler illumination system consisting of a halogen lamp and a variable illuminator control potentiometer. The substage condenser mount allows the condenser to be changed quickly and without re-adjusting the centering screws. A variety of binocular and trinocular eyepiece tubes are available, featuring a 30-degree inclination and Seidentoph design to minimize the need for refocusing while switching from one objective to another. A quick-change filter holder allows the user to quickly mount up to two filter blocks without disassembling the microscope. The Labophot 2 features high-precision stages, mechanical rectangular or circular rotatable with six minute vernier gradations. A choice of six condensers are optional equipment on the Labophot, and can be configured for either brightfield or darkfield use. A wide range of Nikon brightfield objectives are available to complete the basic Labophot setup. A variety of accessories are also available for phase contrast, fluorescence, and polarizing microscopy and for microphotography, as well as teaching head adapters, a zoom drawing tube, and projection screen. Equipped with three objectives; E Plan 4/0.1 160/-, E Plan 10/0.25 LWD, E Plan 40/0.65 160/0.17 in a quintuple nosepiece, two CFWN 10x/20 eyepieces, mechanical slide stage, and an Abbe 1.25 brightfield condenser.



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Centering a rotating stage

I've got several original Labophot scopes with rotating stages. I've had to replace both the stage focus gears and the condenser focus gear. I had to remove the stage to do this. Now, I can't get it to rotate on center. There's just not enough...

Damaged centering screw

Do you know how I might find a replacement for the centering screw for the stage of a Nikon Labophot microscope?   thnak you

Circuit Board

I recently acquired a Labophot 2 but the circuit board for the lamp has died. Nikon tells me I need the old style 'large' circuit board. My circuit board is marked HSV-6-30NC and has the electrolytic cans vertically placed on the board not...

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