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The NanoLC-MALDI spotting system allows for high-throughput analysis of complex proteins and peptide samples.

Coupling NanoLC to MALDI mass spectrometry results in an extremely powerful tool for the analysis of complex peptide and/or protein samples in proteomics. The NanoLC MALDI spotting system brings together Eksigent’s highly reproducible NanoLC system with our highly precise MALDI spotter to provide a new dimension in LC separations on MALDI targets.

The Ekspot holds 16 ABI 4700 targets or eight microtiter plate size targets. Each of the targets can hold up to 1,000 spots and you can generate up to 8,000 spots on an overnight run.


  • Control the spotter and the LC from the same software.
  • Maximize throughput by collecting fractions on up to 8 microtiter plate size targets (ABI 4800) or 16 small targets (ABI 4700).
  • Collect a fraction every four seconds.
  • Configurable as a fraction collector.
  • NanoLC reproducibility ± .5% RSD.
  • Low delay volumes (<65µL) resulting in better separations.
  • Built-in matrix delivery pump.




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