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The modular Leica DM IRB is an Inverted Research Microscope for unlimited life science applications with effective contrasting methods such as Brightfield, Phase-, Darkfield-, Polarization-, Modulation Contrast, DIC and optimized Fluorescence without pixel shift. It is configured to suit requirements for every imaginable application.Objectives:8/-1A N PLAN 5x/0.128/-/? C PLAN 10x/0.22 LMC8/0-2 N PLAN L 20X/0.40 CORR LMC8/0-2 N PLAN L 40X/0.55 CORR LMC8/0.1-1.3 PL FLUOTAR L63/0.70 CORR LMCEyepiece:HC PLAN S 10x/22 M.
Microscope Type Stereo


Modular stand to suit every requirement and application: ,   
All stands with built in Bertrand lens and side port (80% / 100 %) and 12 Volt/100 Watt transmitted: , light illumination: , Robust and ergonomic stand with highly specialized automated, electronic or manual features for: , micromanipulation: , System solutions and workstations for IVF, ICSI, Transgenic, Patch-Clamp, Ca-Rationing or Confocal: , microscopy: , Sophisticated and outstanding optical performance of the new HC infinity bjectives with long working: , distances: , High variety of tubes, including different trinocular and ergonomic tubes: , Optimized fluorescence, with centrable field and aperture diaphragms, ergonomic alignment and up to: , 4 rotatable filter blocks (Zero Pixel Shift), motorized or manual version possible: , High variety of lamphouses with 4 or 6 lenses, Halogen, Hg-, or Xe-Burner, with UV- and Quarz Collector: , Light fibre encoupling with 1m or 2 m light fibre: , Most flexible Condenser system for Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Modulation Contrast, Dark Field: , Contrast, Polarization Contrast or Differential Interference Contrast, every condenser disc with 6: , positions for prisms, stops or slits: , Field of View : 22 mm: , Coarse and Fine focus with an accuracy of 0,05 for the DM IRBE: , Magnification Changer, Drawing Device or Discussion Tube possible with every stand: , Camera ports: Side port, Front port, Tube Port and Bottom port possible: , Most flexible stage system with fixed stages: , .


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Is a Leica DMIRB suitable for teaching petrographic polarising microscopy?

We have acquired a secondhand Leica DMIRB Type 090-132.102 inverted microscope. Has any one used one of these for petrographic polarized light microscopy? We don't need to do anything fancy, we are an educational institution for high school...

Condenser 0.30 S70

Hi I am only looking for the condenser 0.30 S70 for DM IRB microscope. Do you guys sell only the parts?

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