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Metrohm professional IC systems are available several different configurations, anions, cations and ancat dual systems, all with conductivity detectors. Systems are also available with UV-VIS and electrochemical detectors. Anion systems are available with or without suppression, chemical suppression followed by CO2 suppression (sequential suppression), sequential suppression with inline ultrafiltration or dialysis (Prep1), sequential suppression with inline pre-concentration, inline matrix elimination or inline calibration (Prep 2) or sequential suppression with inline neutralization and inline cation removal (Prep 3). Systems are also available with low pressure or high pressure gradient. All these anion configurations are available with low, medium or high capacity suppressors.  
On the cation side along with regular cation configuration Prep 1 & Prep 2 configurations are also available.  
For the dual channel ancat systems configurations are available with chemical suppression and sequential suppression with three different suppressor capacities.  
With the 872 extension modules the possible configurations are unlimited to meet any customer need in the field of Ion Chromatography.





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Metrohm is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis. In the field of electrochemical ion analysis we have been...

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