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Rigaku NEX CG delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types—with minimal standards.  
Cartesian geometry for trace level sensitivity  
Unlike conventional EDXRF analyzers, the NEX CG was engineered with a unique close-coupled Cartesian Geometry (CG) optical kernel that dramatically increases signal-to-noise. By using secondary target excitation, instead of convention direct excitation, sensitivity is further improved. The resulting dramatic reduction in background noise, and simultaneous increase in element peaks, result in a spectrometer capable of routine trace element analysis even in difficult sample types.


  • Analyze 11Na to 92U non-destructively  
  • Solids, liquids, powders and thin films  
  • Polarized excitation for lower detection limits  
  • Novel treatment of peak overlap reduces errors  
  • PPB detection limits for aqueous samples using UltraCarry  
  • Simplified user interface with EZ Analysis  




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Rigaku has been at the forefront of analytical and industrial instrumentation technology. Today, with hundreds of major innovations to their credit, the...

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