The S4 PIONEER - the most compact wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (WDXRF) is dedicated to serve all applications with need for high performance and high sample throughput: Whenever reliable trace analysis, high analyzing speed for accurate process control or robustness for industrial use is demanded - the S4 PIONEER is the right choice for industry as well as for research and development.

Accuracy and Precision: The S4 PIONEER with advanced excitation technology provides highest sensitivity esp. for light elements and traces due to optimized beam geometry. Improved analytical performance for light elements is guaranteed with the very thin Beryllium tube window in combination with optimized excitation parameters. Up to 10 primary beam filters, up to 4 collimators, up to 8 crystals, there is no limitation in analytical flexibility; there is no compromise in analytical performance: Real high end wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (WDXRF).

The S4 PIONEER is simple in operation: The Integrated Analytical Intelligence (IAI) of SPECTRAplus, the analytical X-ray fluorescence (XRF) software solution for calibration, evaluation and reporting, offers easy start-up for own calibrations guiding the operator through all steps, providing optimized measurement parameters and allows easy routine operation. The integrated standardless evaluation for all kind of samples like rocks, minerals, metals, hydrocarbons and all kind of industrial products allows the fast and easy determination of element concentrations from 100 % down to the ppm-level without performing a calibration.

S4 PIONEER with PETRO-QUANT – High performance XRF, dedicated for the Petrochemical Industry

Rough industrial environment, safe handling of liquid samples and loose powders, the unique vacuum seal protects crystals, detectors and collimators even during the measurement. The S4 PIONEER in combination with PETRO-QUANT is the superior analytical solution for all petrochemical applications enabling the routine trace analysis in hydrocarbon matrices as well as norm compliant element determination without performing a calibration: Reliable results from the very beginning.
Depth 99 cm
Height 131 cm
Width 84 cm
Power Requirements 208 V 60 Hz (1P/3P), 230 V 50/60 Hz (3P)
Weight 450 kg
Additional Specifications Analysis range:
Beryllium to Uranium
Concentration range:
Concentrations from sub ppm to 100%
Sample form:
Powder, solid, liquid, paste, coating, slurry, film, filter deposit, etc.
Sample size:
Liquids, loose powders: up to 50 mL
Solids: up to 51 mm (2”) Ø , 47 mm (1.8’’) in height
Automatic collimator changer (up to 4):
0.46° (default), 0.23° (default), 2°, 1°, 0.17°, 0.12°
high precision masks available
34mm (default), 28 mm, 23 mm, 18 mm, 8 mm
Analyzer crystals:
Automatic crystal changer (up to 8)
Included: XS-55, PET, LiF (200)
Optional: XS-B, XS-C, XS-N, XS-PET-C, XS-CEM, LiF (220), LiF (420), ADP, Ge, TlAP, InSb
Linear intensity range more than 10 million cps
Vacuum pump:
Gas for analysis of liquids and loose powders:
Helium or nitrogen, at reduced or normal atmospheric pressure
End window Rh X-ray tube, 75 µm Be window
2.7 kW
60 kV max.
100 mA max.
Detector gas:
P10 gas (10 % methane, 90 % argon)
External cooling water:
Cooling water
Water consumption automatically regulated and minimized,
short term interruptions are compensated


Little in:
  • Measuring time
  • Space installation requirements
  • Effort for setup and calibration

Gigantic in:
  • Sample throughput
  • Measuring speed
  • Integrated intelligence
  • Analytical flexibility & sensivity
  • Reproducibility




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  please can i have a calibration procedure for WDXRF S4 pioneer please i am lab supervisor and need it important ......

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