Metrohm 858 Professional Sample Processor


858 Professional Sample Processor

Numerous sample racks are available; these can accommodate between 12 and 148 sample vessels. The 858 Professional Sample Processor can select up to 999 sample positions. It is also possible to access an external position, e.g. for dilutions. The Professional Sample Processor provides connections for two diaphragm pumps and three MSB devices, such as the 800 Dosino or 801 Magnetic Stirrer.  
The sample rack and the sample vessels with stoppers belong to the optional accessories of the 858 Professional Sample Processor. This ensures maximum flexibility in selecting the optimal combination.  
Operation of the 858 Professional Sample Processor requires the MagIC Net™ software.
858 Professional Sample Processor
Maximum Pressure 4 bar
Depth .5 m
Height .73 m
Width .28 m
Power Requirements 100…240 V (±10%), 50/60Hz
Peak Power 115 W
Additional Specifications Typical Flow Rate: 0.3 mL/min at 18 rpm; with standard pump tubing 6.1826.320  
The effective flow rate is dependent on contact pressure and type of  



858 Professional Sample Processor

858 Professional Sample Processor

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