Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus


GC-2010 Plus

The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with outstanding repeatability, utilizing the full suite of detectors that feature best-in-class sensitivity. 
Rapid oven cooling, high performance flow control and backflush technology allow the user to shorten analysis times greatly for significant gains in productivity. The full line-up of GC detectors has sensitivity specifications that are among the highest in the industry, ensuring quality data across a broad range of applications. 
The high-sensitivity of our detectors was achieved by thorough cleaning of detector gas lines , with the incorporation of the highest quality electronic components and implementation of the latest electronic noise-reduction technology.
GC-2010 Plus
Detector FPD and FID
GC System Type Modular


  • Trace Level Analysis      
  • A lineup of powerful detectors ensures the highest sensitiivty - even for trace amount analysis.      
  • Functions to improve analytical efficiency and productivity      
  • Rapid oven cooling, backflushing technology, gas saver function, etc.      
  • Advanced Flow Technology      
  • New flow-controlling technologies enable higher separation capability and faster analysis.      


GC-2010 Plus

GC-2010 Plus

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ASTM Noise Drift

Hello guys I need to know how i calculate the ASTM Noise and drift in my GC 2010 plus. My software GC solution does not have baseline check icon. Another question. What is the specification to ASTM Noise and Drift in Shimadzu 2010 plus...

Jet tool

Hi, i need to find one jet removal tool, some one can help ?

PE Claurus 500

Hi, I am a Environment Laboratory Technician in Qatar Petroleum, currently I am having Perkin Elmer Claurus 500 GC with attached 2 FID Detector, one detector I want to apply for BTEX analysis in ppb level in saline water ( range...

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