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The Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10S UV-Vis spectrophotometer utilizes ahigh-intensity xenon lamp and dual-beam optical geometry to deliverunsurpassed data quality.

Firing pulses of light only when the instrument is taking a measurement, the xenon lamp provides strong illumination from the UV to the near-IR region of the spectrum. Whether your application is research or routine analysis, educational or industrial, you can count on the GENESYS 10S for accurate and reliable results. The GENESYS 10S spectrophotometer series offer an excellent valueproviding high-performance, reliability, ease-of-use and a low cost of ownership.
Bandwidth 1.8nm
Light Source Xenon Flash Lamp
Optics Double Beam
Photodetector Photodiode
Photometric Noise < 0.00025 at 0.0 A
Photometric Range Up to 3.5 A at 260 nm (Linear Range)
Scanning Speed 10 – 4,200 nm/min
Stray Light < 0.08%T at 220, 340nm (NaI, NaNO2) < 1<1.0%T 198nm (KCl)
Wavelength Range 190 to 1100 nm
Depth 15.7 in
Height 9.8 in
Width 11.8 in
Power Requirements 100/240V 50/60Hz, selected automatically
Weight 8.6 lbs


Research Quality with Routine Simplicity
  • Accelerate through wavelength scans with scan speeds up to 4,200nm/minute
  • Depend on dual-beam optics for superior photometric accuracy
  • Acquire data from the UV to the near-IR
  • Choose from feature-rich local control or computer software options
  • Meet pharmacopeia requirements with superior signal-to-noise performance
  • Increase sample throughput with the integrated 6-cell changer
  • Save data to a USB memory device
  • Rely on accurate data with pre-programmed verification methods
  • Go beyond the GENESYS 10S instrument with accessories available for every type of sample

Maintenance-Free Lamp
  • Save time with the instant-on xenon flash lamp
  • Perform accurate analysis over the entire wavelength range of 190-1100nm
  • Prevent damage to sensitive samples as the lamp only flashes when data is being acquired
  • Save money with long-lifetime xenon flash lamp (guaranteed for 3 years)
  • Lamp produces no heat so sample compartment temperature remains stable




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