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Beckman Coulter DU-64 UV-VIS spectrophotometer. A fast scanning spectrophotometer designed to simplify wavelength scanning and provide a reliable source of absorbance readings.
Optics Single Beam
Scanning Speed 750 or 500 nm/min
Wavelength Range 200 to 900 nm
Wavelength Resolution 2 nm


  • Readings in Absorbance or Transmission.




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HACH COMPANY manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water and other aqueous solutions. Our systems...

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Beckman Coulter DU-64 manual needed

I am looking for Beckaman Coulter DU-64 Manual book. Is there any chance someone help me get that? Thank you.

Dark adjust error

Hi. There is an old spectrophotometer in out lab. I didnt used This instrument for a year. Today when i tried to calibrate it, it displayed "dark adjust error", and i could'nt use it. What does it mean? What can i do to solve the problem? We dont...

output display

Is there a standard crt terminal that could display what the dot matrix printer normally prints from this machine ?

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