Beckman Coulter COULTER Ac·T™ 5diff AL


COULTER Ac·T™ 5diff AL

The Ac·T 5diff AL improves sample handling by eliminating manual sample loading, which also saves time, lowers operational costs and increases your lab’s overall workflow efficiency. Also included is an easy-to-use data management system that streamlines data recall and requires less manual manipulation.
COULTER Ac·T™ 5diff AL
Depth 22.5 in
Height 21.5 in
Width 32.3 in
Weight 121.3 lbs
Additional Specifications Operating Temperature: 16 to 34°C (61 to 93°F)


    Easy-To-Use Data Management
  • Easy quality control file management
  • Downloadable Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP) data and uploadable control assay reduce manual data manipulation and save time
  • Qualitative flagging speeds review of patient results and decreases turnaround time

    Easy To Operate
  • Integrated autoloader accommodates 100 sample loading for higher testing capacity
  • Two additional sample tube holders accommodate tubes of varying sizes, such as pediatric tubes, for increased system flexibility during manual mode sampling
  • Internal barcode reader for positive sample identification
  • STAT interrupt, enabling operators to bypass the autoloader and load an emergency sample for prioritized testing
  • Comprehensive on-board Help database uses key word searches to help solve problems quickly and easily
  • Random access testing for complete workflow flexibility
  • Specially formulated reagents, controls and calibrators ensure accuracy


COULTER® Ac·T™ 5diff AL (Autoloader)

COULTER® Ac·T™ 5diff AL (Autoloader)

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