Beckman Coulter UniCel DxI 600 Access


UniCel DxI 600 Access

With up to 50 reagents on-board, the UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System enables you have the flexibility to run both routine and specialized tests with amazing simplicity. The DxI® 600 allows laboratories to decrease process steps and improve turn around time - with astounding ease of use. The DxI 600 uses the same reagents as other UniCel Access systems, so your laboratory can deliver consistent patient results, no matter which Beckman Coulter immunoassay system performs the test.


  • A technology continuum and identical reagents guarantee consistent patient results
  • Proven chemiluminescent detection delivers excellent precision and sensitivity with a broad dynamic range
  • Streamlined sample handling
  • On-board aliquot capability
  • Simplified operation improves productivity
  • Innovative system delivers powerful efficiency


UniCel® DxI 600 Access® Immunoassay System

UniCel® DxI 600 Access® Immunoassay System

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