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Odyssey® Sa

The Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging System offers the advantages of infrared imaging and the flexibility to handle both plate-based assays and quantitative Western Blots. For walk-away automation with plate-based assays, the Odyssey Sa can be configured to work with a 30- or 50-plate automated stacking system.  
The Odyssey Sa also accepts individual membranes or gels providing an affordable solution for labs doing quantitative Western blots and In Cell Western analysis.  
The Odyssey Sa Imager has the same two-channel infrared detection specifications as the more versatile Odyssey Infrared Imager. It yields the same excellent sensitivity (1-5 pg with purified transferrin) and broad dynamic range (4-5 logs). The Odyssey Sa Imager is compatible with the BioTek® BioStack™ Automated Microplate Stacking System (either 30-plate or 50-plate configurations) when installed with the Odyssey Sa Express Software for automated plate readout.
Odyssey® Sa
Depth 22 in
Height 14 in
Width 18 in
Weight 56 lbs
Additional Specifications Laser/Microscope  
Laser Lifetime: 40,000 working hours typical  
700 Channel Laser Source: Solid-state diode laser at 685 nm  
800 Channel Laser Source: Solid-state diode laser at 785 nm  
Detectors: Silicon avalanche photodiodes  
Scanning Speed: 6 minutes with 100 µm resolution  
Resolution: 20 - 500 µm  
Focusing Range: 0 - 3.95 mm (suitable for focusing through the bottom of compatible microplates with transparent, flat-bottom wells.)  
Operation Specifications  
Operating Conditions: 15-35° C and dew point no greater than 20° C  
Power Requirements: Automatic voltage selection at 90-250 VAC and 47-63 Hz; 1.1 Amps at 120 V; 200 W maximum  
Data Storage Capacity: Internal hard drive (files also stored on computer)


Quantitative Westerns  
Infrared detection gives you true quantitative analysis and wide  
linear dynamic range (4-5 logs) that chemiluminescence cannot  
Multiplex Detection  
Quantitative Westerns with two-color scanning for simultaneous detection of  
two protein targets or the use of one channel for normalization  
High Sensitivity  
Detection down to picogram levels, comparable to the industry-leading  
Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System  
Direct Detection  
No film, darkroom, or messy substrates  
Clear Data  
No loss of weak bands due to overexposed bands. 20-500 µm resolution imaging  
Ease of Use  
Spot finding, intensity measurements and percent response calculations for  
In-Cell Western™ assay analysis


Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System

Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System

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