VirTis General Purpose & Floral Freeze Dryer


General Purpose & Floral Freeze Dryer

The GPFD- General Purpose Freeze Dryer is available in 25 and 35 Liter configurations. Condenser refrigeration packages of -53, -70 or -85C allow you to configure the most economical system for your products The GPFD is available in 2 to 5 shelf configurations with optional programmable heat.

The GPFD is ideal for bulky product, such as floral arrangements and taxidermy specimens where low energy input is required and long freeze drying cycles are common.


  • Mobile, free standing design
  • Choice of refrigeration systems with temperatures of -53, -70 or -85C
  • 2 to 5 shelves
  • LyoTroll Controller with optional programmable heating to assist in the freeze drying process


General Purpose & Floral Freeze Dryer

General Purpose & Floral Freeze Dryer

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VirTis is a part of SP Scientific VirTis is one of the most established freeze dryer manufacturers in the world. Combined with FTS Systems, the SP Scientific...

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Freeze Dryer for Flowers

Dear Madam / Sir, My name is Luis Rosete (Commercial Director of Grupo Sinotek Mexico),  I am looking for a VirTis Freeze Dryer for Flowers, please I need to contact the supplier. My e-mail is  ...

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