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Nova e Series

The NOVA e-Series of surface area analyzers offers a full line of rapid, high throughput B.E.T. surface area and pore size analyzers. Eight fully automatic models meet the needs of any research or quality assurance laboratory.

BET Surface Area Analyzers All NOVA models can produce BET surface area results using the classical helium void volume method, or via the patented helium-free method.

Pore Size Analyzers Every NOVA is also a pore size analyzer capable of measuring both adsorption and desorption isotherms in a few hours, completely unattended.

Pharmaceutical Option — with NOVAWin software provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for the Pharmaceutical Industry



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Quantachrome...renowned innovator of ideas for today's porous materials needs. For over 40 years, Quantachrome’s scientists have revolutionized measurement...

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1200 BET instrument

I am using quantachrome nova 1200, BET instrument. And there was an error which prevented me from continue working on the instrument even after restarting it.  the error is two dashed lines on the screen which I could not get rid...

Urgent: Need Nova Win Software (Quantachrome)

Dear All, I have Nova2000e in my lab and i have lost Nova win CD. Does anybody using the same equipment or have the software? Looking forward to hear soon Best Regards Naqi

Price of Nova e-series surface area analyzer dewar Flask

Please let me know the price of Nova e-series surface area analyzer's Dewar Flask.

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