Exeter Analytical Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit


Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

The Schöniger flask method is a well proven technique for the combustion and then subsequent analysis of a range of elements including Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Sulfur, Phosphorus and a number of metals. The combustion of the sample is a simple procedure and involves placing a few milliliters of absorbent solution in a flask. The sample is weighed out and placed in an ashless filter paper holder which in turn is placed in a platinum basket attached to the stopper of the flask. The flask is filled with oxygen and the stopper is then placed in the flask. The sample is combusted and the resultant combustion products are absorbed into the solution. The technique chosen for the actual determination of the element in question can be any one of a number of different techniques i.e. titration, ion chromatography, etc. The Schöniger flask combustion method is capable of being used for the determination of percentage levels to parts per million. It can cope with a wide range of sample types and is simple to set up with minimal start up costs.


  • The Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit is a safe and repeatable method of igniting the samples when using the Schöniger procedure.     
  • Reflectors focus the infra-red heat from two tungsten-halogen lamps onto an area approximately 10 cm above the center of the chamber.     
  • The lamps only operate when the chamber door is fully locked. The "START" switch fires the lamps for 10 seconds.     
  • In the event of a flask explosion, pressure is vented safely through holes in the chamber and any glass fragments are contained within the chamber.     
  • The unit has an aluminum interior for rigidity and corrosion resistance, and a thick black acrylic observation window.    


Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

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Hello, i am jack in shanghai, PR china, and our lab would like to purchase a Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit for RD use, i wonder how to buy it and the quotation, thanks a lot. you can contact me via: or via cellphone call +086 136...

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