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FlowSyn Maxi

FlowSyn Maxi allows users to perform safely larger-scale flow reactions, at up to 100ml/min between –90ºC and 260ºC, and at pressures up to 1400psi. [FlowSyn Maxi allows users to carry out larger-scale flow reactions]

One of the major benefits of flow chemistry is seamless scale-up without re-optimisation, but output has previously been limited to hundreds of grams a day. With the FlowSyn Maxi, users can produce many kilograms in a day by using high flow rate pumps and large-scale coil reactors up to 40ml, with temperature-controlled static mixers that are essential for some reactions.

FlowSyn Maxi offers a choice of flow path including Teflon, stainless and Hastelloy – which makes possible the pumping of nitric acid, sulphuric acid, BuLi, and even concentrated HCl in the Hastelloy system.

For low-temperature exothermic chemistry, FlowSyn Maxi can be coupled with the FlowSyn Polar Bear. This advanced cooling module has no circulator fluid or insulated tubing and fast cooling rates allow the Polar Bear to reach –90ºC from room temperature in less than an hour.



FlowSyn Maxi

FlowSyn Maxi

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Uniqsis was founded in January 2007 and is an alliance between Asynt, the specialist supplier of organic synthesis apparatus, and Grant Instruments Ltd,...

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