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The 887 Professional UV/VIS Detector is integrated in the user friendly MagIC Net™ software and allows the determination of any analytes with direct or indirect extinction. The flow path of the IC instruments is absolutely metal free due to the measuring cell made from PEEK. This enables the detection of transition metals as well as organic components besides the classical anions and cations. Very low detection limits may be reached for many analytes due to their specific extinction. This even in complex matrices like biological samples.   
Additional pre- or post-column derivatization converts a large variety of components into UV- or VIS-active molecules. This opens the quantification by the 887 Professional UV/VIS Detector. This enlarges the range of applications even more.
Additional Specifications Wavelength: 190 – 900 nm (Increment 1)  
Band width: ±0 – 100 nm (Increment 1)  
Integration duration: 10 – 247 ms  
Measuring duration: 50 – 2000 ms  
Measuring principle: Diode array with 512 diodes


  • UV/VIS Detector furnished with a diode array  
  • 8 wavelengths to be selected  
  • Variable band with and integration time  
  • Recording of a spectra at any time  
  • User friendly due to control by MagIC Net™  
  • Versatile data handling and display functions  
  • Universal use, flexible combinations  
  • High precision and accuracy  
  • Low detection limits even in complex matrices  


887 Professional UV/VIS Detector

887 Professional UV/VIS Detector

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