PerkinElmer Frontier NIR Spectrometers


Frontier NIR Spectrometers

Delivering ease of use with ultimate performance, the Frontier™ FT-NIR system is equipped to address even the most demanding applications, from research, materials testing and academia. Offering high sensitivity, fast sampling and unrivaled stability, you can have confidence in achieving only the highest quality and reproducible results.



Frontier NIR Spectrometers

Frontier NIR Spectrometers

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Improving human and environmental health is their focus. From earlier insights and more effective therapies to cleaner water and safer buildings where...

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Perkin Elmer Spectrum 400 FT-IR NIR *WARRANTY**FINANCING***

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Perkin Elmer Spotlight Spectrum 400 FT-IR NIR Microscope *WARRANTY**FINANCING***

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PerkinElmer Fibre Optic Interface with Probe FTIR-NIR Accessory Attachment

Price: $750.00


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