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Following their introduction in 1995, the world's highest performance, easy-to-use Shimadzu UV-2401/2501 spectrophotometers are now even more powerful with the addition of the world's most advanced software. These spectrophotometers have made their entrance to greet the new century.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Bandwidth 6-step switching among 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5nm
Light Source 50W halogen lamp (2,000 hours life), deuterium lamp (socket type), light source auto position adjustment built in
Photometric Range Absorbance: -4 - 5 Abs Transmittance, reflectance: 0.0 - 999.9%
Sample Compartment Internal dimensions: 150W x 260D x 120H (mm) Distance between light beams: 100mm
Wavelength Range 190 to 1100 nm (Setting wavelength range)
Depth 660 mm
Height 275 mm
Width 570 mm
Power Requirements AC100, 120, 220, 240 V, switch selectable 50/60Hz
Peak Power 250 VA
Weight 36 kg
Additional Specifications Measurement wavelength range: 190 ~ 900nm (up to 1100nm with special detector)  
Wavelength accuracy: Ẕ0.3nm with auto wavelength correction included  
Wavelength repeatability: Ẕ0.1nm  
Wavelength scanning speed:   
Wavelength slew rate: about 3200nm/min  
Wavelength scan rate: about 900 ~ 160nm/min  
Monitor scan rate: about 2500nm/min  
Wavelength setting: At 1nm units for scan start and scan end wavelengths, and 0.1nm units for other wavelengths  
Lamp interchange wavelength: Auto switching synchronized with wavelength, switching range selectable between 282 ~ 393nm (0.1nm units)  
Response: Optimum response speed automatically set depending on bandwidth, minimum 0.1sec  
Resolution: 0.1nm  
Photometric system: Double-beam, direct ratio system with dynode feedback  
Photometric modes: Absorbance (Abs.), transmittance (%), reflectance (%), energy (E)  
Recording range: Absorbance: -9.999 ~ 9.999 Abs  
Transmittance, reflectance: -999.9 ~ 999.9%  
Photometric accuracy:   
Ẕ0.002 Abs (0 ~ 0.5 Abs)  
Ẕ0.004 Abs (0.5 ~ 1.0 Abs)  
Ẕ0.3%T (0 ~ 100% T) Tested with NIST 930D standard filter  
Photometric repeatability:   
Ẕ0.001 Abs (0 ~ 0.5 Abs)  
Ẕ0.002 Abs (0.5 ~ 1.0 Abs)  
Baseline flatness: Ẕ0.001 Abs (excluding noise, using 2nm slit, and slow wavelength scanning speed)  
Baseline correction: Auto correction using PC (Stored baseline is automatically loaded when power is switched on, re-correction is possible)  
Drift: 0.0004Abs/h (after power is on for 2 hours)  
Temperature and humidity requirements: 15 ~ 35°C, 45 ~ 80% (no condensation, less than 70% above 30°C)  
Single monochromator, high-performance blazed holographic grating in aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner mounting  
Grating/Grating type double monochromator, Pre-monochromator: double-blazed holographic grating Main monochromator: high-performance blazed holographic grating in aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner mounting  
Maximum light path length of cell: 100 mm


  • Low stray light  
    The UV-2550, with its DDM (double blazed grating, double monochromator) design, provides a high energy throughput optical system with ultra low stray light. The UV-2450, the single monochromator version of the UV-2550, achieves 0.015% stray light even with its simpler optical system.  
  • High Performance  
    Both instruments offer outstanding cost performance in their ability to provide UV-VIS spectral analysis of wide ranging samples, including organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples like DNA and enzymes, as well as special measurements on optical materials.  
  • Windows XP Pro/2000 Pro Compatible  
    Operating under the Windows XP Pro/2000 Pro environment, the new generation UV Probe software is provided as standard. UVProbe incorporates the latest multitasking and report generation functionality, including network support, enabling measurement assistance among colleagues and effective presentation of precious data.  
  • Analysis of multiple trace samples  
    The 8/16 micromulti-cell permits selection among 4 possible combinations with sample capacities of 50mL and 100mL. And, either the normal type or the constant-temperature controlled type cell holder may be selected.  




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