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DCM 3D system with dual core technology has been designed for fast, non-invasive assessment of micro and nano structures of technical surfaces, in multiple configurations.    
The DCM 3D combines confocal and interferometry technology for high speed and high-resolution measurements down to 0.1nm.    
And, the micro display confocal technology, with no moving parts, measures a variety of materials and provides confocal and bright field images simultaneously.
Microscope Type Confocal
Depth 57.3 cm
Height 56.9 cm
Width 39 cm


Confocal and Interferometry    
Confocal and Interferometry – dual core technology for high speed measurements and high resolution from 0.1 nm to 10 mm.    
Micro display confocal technology    
Micro display confocal technology – confocal and bright field imaging of the same area simultaneously.    
Interferometry PSI and VSI    
Interferometry PSI and VSI – provides the highest precision measurement of smooth surfaces with sub-nanometer resolution.    
No sample preparation    
Fast, non-destructive 3D measurements -    
no sample preparation necessary unlike for SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy)




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