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TOC-L Series

The TOC-L series of TOC analyzers adopts the 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide. While providing an ultra wide range of 4 µg/L to 30,000 mg/L, these analyzers boast a detection limit of 4 µg/L through coordination with NDIR. This is the highest level of detection sensitivity available with the combustion catalytic oxidation method. In addition, the combustion catalytic oxidation method makes it possible to efficiently oxidize not only easily-decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, but also hard-to-decompose insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds.
TOC-L Series
Measurement Range 0 to 30000 mg/L
Detection Limit 4 µg/L
On-Line Monitoring No
Sample Volume Range 10 to 2000 μL
Portable No
Depth 660 mm
Height 480 mm
Width 340 mm
Power Requirements 100 to 240 V AC, 600 VA
Weight 35 kg
Additional Specifications available in PC controlled or standalone models


Extremely wide measurement range from 4 µg/L to 30,000 mg/L, applicable to everything from ultrapure water to highly contaminated water (TOC-LCSH/CPH)  
  • Capable of TC, IC, TOC (= TC-IC), and NPOC measurement; options enable POC (volatile organic carbon), TOC via POC + NPOC, and even TN (total nitrogen) measurements  
  • The blank check function evaluates system blanks by measuring ultrapure water processed automatically within the instrument  
  • The automatic dilution function enables measurements up to 30,000 mg/L  
Reliable sample injection system  
  • Automatic sample acidification and sparging  
  • The automatic dilution function reduces sample salinity, acidity, and alkalinity, significantly extending the period of use of catalysts and combustion tubes (The period of use depends on the sample and measurement conditions.)  
  • Stat or priority samples can be added at anytime to the analysis schedule without interrupting operation even when an autosampler is used  


TOC-L Series

TOC-L Series

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