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novAA Series

The transverse-heated graphite furnace is a must where optimum atomization conditions and high sample throughput are required simultaneously. This clearly superior concept has, for a number of years, been successfully employed in all Analytik Jena graphite furnace AAS systems. It guarantees uniform temperature all along the optical axis throughout the tube and eliminates memory and condensation effects that occur at the cooler tube ends of conventional, longitudinally heated graphite tubes. Lower atomizing temperatures prolong tube life. Problem-free analysis of low-volatility elements (e.g., vanadium, molybdenum), and the direct analysis of solid samples are possible.


novAA® 350

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Graphite Furnace Yes
Lamps 8 lamp turret for highest sample throughput
novAA® 400 P

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Graphite Furnace Yes
Lamps 8 lamp turret for highest sample throughput


  • Robust design for handling complex matrices and resist difficult lab environment
  • Fully automated 8 lamp turret for highest sample throughput
  • High dergree of automation through intelligent auto optimization routines and accessories
  • Intelligent optical design
  • Convincing modern software concept guiding through the measuring process
  • Easy operation of samples with high salt or acid content
  • Stable burner conditions guaranteed by continuous rinsing and constant temperature conditions
  • Automatic metering of smallest sample volumes
  • 8 lamp changer for maximum automation and sample throughput
  • Single and double beam available
  • D2 background correction
  • Integrated RFID Tool for working with coded lamps (novAA® 400 P)
  • Integrated super lamp power supply for best analytical performance (novAA® 400 P)
  • Integrated High-end Vision Tool for best observation and control of sample injection and sample drying in the graphite tube (novAA® 400 P)
  • Direct analysis of solid samples (novAA® 400 P)


novAA Series

novAA Series

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flame Burner

kindly, we are working on AAS NovAA 350 , , where we have a problem with the burner flame when igniting it with burner 50 , as it ignites and then extinguishes after a short period of time , the software screen shows a fluctuation in reading the...

HCL Energy too HIGH (PMT voltage is ZERO)

Hi,I have problem with novAA-400. The HCL and D2 energy is too high (maximum) with PMT voltage is Zero. I tried to adjust the HC and CG gain but there is still the same problem. from method the HCL and D2 gets on, but from test software HCL neither...


I always encounter an 'energy low' message while in the middle of doing an analysis.

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