Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN 10 MX


Nicolet iN 10 MX

Thermo Scientific* Nicolet* iN*10 MX Infrared Microscope combines exceptional power and next-generation software in a productive and cost-effective microspectroscopy package.

The easy-to-use Nicolet iN10 MX Infrared Imaging Microscope provides the power to rapidly acquire and analyze chemical images to enhance understanding of the chemical distribution of materials in heterogeneous samples. Using the innovative OMNIC* Picta software, users with all levels of experience in microscopy or spectroscopy achieve reliable results. The integrated and highly efficient optical design of Nicolet iN10 MX improves the speed and sensitivity of routine single point measurements, as well as the quality of chemical imaging data sets.


  • Integrated design allows the analysis of microscope samples without the need for an FT-IR spectrometer
  • Analyze samples as small as 50 microns with no need for liquid nitrogen using standard DTGS, room temperature detector
  • Comes standard with Ultra Fast Mapping capability, for more analytical power when combined with cooled MCT detector
  • Ultra-Fast Mapping
  • Up to 10 steps/second at 16cm resolution equivalent to 1.2 x 1.2mm in only 4.5 minutes
  • Standard single element MCT detector
  • Spatial resolution better than 10 microns
  • Built-in intelligence minimizes the learning process, automates instrument validations and provides chemical, physical and distribution information


  • Beyond automation - a breakthrough in infrared microscopy simplicity
  • Omnic Picta; image driven analysis
Beyond automation - a breakthrough in infrared microscopy simplicity

Beyond automation - a breakthrough in infrared microscopy simplicity

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Transmision - Reflection beamspliter not working Nicolet iN10

I have no signal on the detector. The software do not control any more the spectrometer. I do not hear the click of Transmision - Reflection beamspliter when I change the aquisition mode.

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