Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA


EZ Read 400 ELISA

Designed for simple absorbance-based ELISA assays  
The Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA is an economically priced, easy-to-use microplate reader for 96-well plates, quick to set up and requiring minimal training. The simple, robust microplate reader has no un-necessary features and is ideally suited to labs with multi-level users.  
Configured to meet your needs for ELISA assays!  
The Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA Microplate Reader is delivered as standard with filters covering the most common ELISA substrates, plus a reference filter.
EZ Read 400 ELISA
Detection Mode Absorbance
Wavelength Range 400 to 750 nm
Microplate Size 96-well
Shaking No
Software External
Temperature Control No
Depth 12.4 in
Height 7.2 in
Width 17.1 in
Power Requirements Voltage rating: 100VAC - 240 VAC; current rating: 50 /60 Hz, 1.5A
Weight 14.6 lbs
Additional Specifications Photometric Method:   
Transmission photometer   
Light Source:   
Tungsten halogen lamp   
Silicon photodiode  
Standard filters:   
405, 450, 492, 620 nm (additional filters variant dependent, see front)   
Plate types:   
96 well plate (flat, round and v-bottomed well formats)   
0.001 OD   
Measurement range:   
0.000 – 3.3 OD  
<±0.5% at 1.0 OD at 450 nm   
<±0.25% and ±0.0025 OD from 0.1 OD to 2.5 OD at 492 nm   
<±0.25% at 1 OD at 450 nm   
Reading speed:   
25 seconds single wavelength   
Quality control:   
Autocalibration, autolamp adjustment, status report  
PC Connections:   
LED indicators:   
Power on, lamp on   
Standard Software:  
ADAP Basic (Optional: ADAP Plus and ADAP Expert) English, German   
Optional check plate


  • Filter-based microplate reader configured to meet your needs for ELISA assays  
  • PC-controlled instrument supplied with ADAP Basic PC software which is used for instrument control and to export of raw data to Microsoft® Excel for further analysis  
  • Choice of easy-to-use ADAP data analysis software packages to suit your ELISA assay requirements  
  • Ergonomically designed instrument to minimize bench space required  
  • Ability to perform single or dual wavelength measurements to incorporate reference wavelength readings  
  • Readings can be performed at timed-intervals, ideal for kinetic assays  
  • QC plate is available for instrument validation  


EZ Read 400 ELISA

EZ Read 400 ELISA

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