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MultiLine 3420

WTW MultiLine meters are rugged, dual-channel instruments for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen measurement. Multi 3420 display two channels using any combination of sensors. Order stand-alone meters or convenient kits for economical meter/sensor bundles.

MultiLine meters feature brilliant high resolution color displays. Measured readings, channel, and connector position information can be read at a glance. Unique display configuration also provides diagnostic information on sensor quality—easily tell when it is time for calibration or replacement! Plain display of calibrated measurement range ensures accurate readings.

Intelligent digital sensors (IDS) have proven advantages over other sensor types. Digital sensors are individually IDed and automatically log on to meters once connected. Sensors compare each following calibration with the initial calibration stored in the sensor providing valuable information on sensor health. Digital processing and data transfer of sensor measurement gives extremely precise measurements. Attach sensors via waterproof quick-lock sensor connections.

MultiLine meters also over state-of-the-art data management. Meters store up to 10,000 GLP-compliant measurements. Export data via waterproof USB or mini-USB interface. Waterproof connections are ideal for portable field measurements.
MultiLine 3420
mV Accuracy ± ±0.2
mV Range -2000 to 2000
mV Resolution Selectable
pH Accuracy ± ±0.004
pH Meter Temperature Range -5 to 105 °C
pH Meter Type Portable
pH Range -2 to 20
pH Resolution Selectable
Temperature Accuracy ± .2 °C
Temperature Resolution .1 °C


  • Dual-channel multiparameter meters—select exactly the features you need!
  • Graphical display of measured value and calibrated range for continuous measurement control
  • Sensor quality is displayed graphically for easy electrode diagnostics
  • Waterproof USB connection for ultra-flexible data output


MultiLine 3420

MultiLine 3420

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