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Thermo Scientific* TriPlus Autosampler independently serves multiple GC platforms for higher productivity.  
Merging robotic technology for vials and syringe operation, with advanced controls of three dimensional space movements of the syringe holder (XYZ), the TriPlus Autosampler provides flexibility in sample capacity for high lab productivity.



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Depth 34.2 in
Height 19.68 in
Width 21.25 in
Additional Specifications General
Two independent RS232 serial connections, LAN
Instrument Control: Thermo Scientific chromatography DS integrated, Stand-alone s/w, Pocket PC (Wireless, RS232 or IR communication)
Injector Compatibility: On-column, Programmable Temperature Vaporizing, Packed, Purged Packed, Split-splitless
High Throughput Configuration: Dual GC set-up (single TriPlus for liquid unattended serving two GCs)

AS (Liquid Version)

Vial Volumes: 1, 2, 2.5, 10 and 20mL
Maximum Vial Capacity: 300 for 1, 2 and 2.5mL; 108 for 10 or 20mL
Cooled/Heated Trays: Temperature control from 4 to 70°C; 96 vial positions for 1, 2, 2.5mL vials; 33 vial positions for 10mL vials
Syringes Sizes: Self-recognized: 0.5, 5, 10, 100, 250 and 500µL
Injections of Liquids: 0.1 to 450µL in 0.1µL steps, depending on syringe
Variable Needle Lengths: 50mm for split, 80mm for Splitless or On-column
Parameter Setting: 8 method-specific presets or custom menus
Washing Station: 4 x 10mL or 2 x 100mL; Fast Washing Station available for Large Volume techniques
Waste: 1 x 10mL or drain to external waste bottle
Combined Solvent Rinsing: Yes (Max. 4 solvents) for pre- and post-injection cleaning
Rapid Mode: Starts syringe washing cycle during current GC cooling phase
Typical Performance: <0.5 RSD % obtained on std HC mix

HS (Headspace Version)
Vial Volumes:
10 and 20mL
Maximum vial capacity: 108
Syringe Sizes: 1, 2.5 and 5mL
Automatic Introduction of Gases: 0.1 to 5mL in 0.1mL steps depending on syringe
Syringe Temperature:40 to 150°C in 1°C steps
Incubation Oven Capacity: 6 vials
Incubation Oven Temperature Range: 40 to 150°C in 1°C steps, with agitation
Syringe Flush Capability: Yes, with inert gas
Solvent Syringe Cleaning: Optional washing station (4 x 10mL or 2 x 100mL vials)
Multiple Headspace Extraction: Yes (optional accessory)
Enrichment Sampling: Yes with optional kit for Cold Trap
Typical Performance: <1 RSD % under appropriate conditions

SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction Version)

Vial Volumes: 10 and 20mL
Maximum Vial Capacity: 108
Incubation Oven Capacity: 6 vials
Incubation Oven Temperature Range: 40 to 150°C in 1°C steps, with agitation
Oven Door: Kept closed during extraction, acting as a needle guide
Sample Agitation: Optimized through gentle rocking movements to produce low mechanical stress on the fiber
Vial Penetration Depth: Variable, suitable for liquid or headspace extraction
Fiber Conditioning Station: Optional, 2-ports, 40 to 350°C, inert gas purged
TriPlus 100 LS

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Additional Specifications Injection Speed
Selectable from 0.1 ΜL/sec up to 900 ΜL/sec and fully programmable in three different steps, also dependent upon the volume of the installed syringe
Injection Volume Ranges
from 0.1 to 100.0ΜL in 0.1ΜL steps

  • Select from different pre-optimized liquid injection modes for a wide range of applications
  • Use with a full range of performance-enhancing accessories of the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH platform for additional simplicity and dependability
  • Customize with turnkey analyzers

    Saves Labor
  • Long continuous unattended operations made possible by the wide sample storage and large solvent capacities

    Increases Performance
  • New injectors—enhance performance and increase sample throughput, even with dirtier matrices
  • High performance detectors—increase sensitivity for trace level analysis
  • Advanced electronic pneumatics—control pressure and flow for excellent reproducibility
  • Streamline the path from samples to results with enhanced operational simplicity and full control and easy programming by using Chrom-Card and Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System software

    Highly Configurable
  • High-Throughput Configuration: dual GC set-up with Double Pro and Confirmation modes
  • Syringe Cleaning: options to install multiple solvent stations to expand solvent and waste volumes
  • Liquid Injection Modes: eight fully customizable method-specific preset menus are available through the data systems to easily allow the highest flexibility in liquid samples injections

    Add Module Options: including an agitator, vortexer, liquid-cooled tray holder, and Temperature-Controlled Drawer
  • Features

    • TriPlus AS for injections of liquids samples  
    • Single or double vials tray (up to 300 vials capacity) for high sample throughput  
    • Combines with any Thermo Scientific GC injectors and is able to carry out any type of injection technique  
    • TriPlus HS for automatic introduction of gases  
    • Proprietary gastight heated syringe  
    • Sample capacity up to 108 vials  
    • Incubation oven with a built-in shaker  
    • TriPlus DUO including both liquid and headspace sampling turrets  
    • Each turret is specifically conceived for either gas or liquid injections  
    • Two snap-on turrets can be interchanged in seconds with no requirements for additional set-up, such as syringe or injector alignments  


    TriPlus™ Autosampler

    TriPlus™ Autosampler

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