GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 6000


IN Cell Analyzer 6000

IN Cell Analyzer 6000 is a high-performance, laser-based confocal imaging platform for the most demanding high-content assays and screens. Featuring a novel and proprietary optical system that incorporates an iris-like variable aperture design and next-generation sCMOS technology, IN Cell Analyzer 6000 enables you to optimise for speed and image quality for challenging and variable assays.


  • Use in open aperture mode to maximize speed  
  • Use in full confocal mode for efficient background rejection  
  • Select any aperture setting between 1 and 3 AU to suit your specific biology  
  • Optimize the degree of confocality required for each channel of an assay with the simple click of a mouse   


IN Cell Analyzer 6000

IN Cell Analyzer 6000

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