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TotalChrom Workstation is the next stage in the evolution of chromatography software. Building on the industry standard of Turbochrom, Workstation offers a computing strategy to manage chromatography data quickly and efficiently.

When configured with a PerkinElmer Clarus® 500 & 600 GC, Autosystem (XL) GC or a PerkinElmer Series 200 HPLC, the TotalChrom software serves as both a controller and data manager for the overall system. Compatible with all commercial LCs and GCs, TotalChrom is the best choice for chromatography data handling in demanding multi-user, multi-instrument laboratory environments.



TotalChrom Workstation

TotalChrom Workstation

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CFR Compliance of TotalChrom software

We have older version of TotalChrom software connected to Clarus GC, which is not fully CFR compliant.   Is it possible to connect the latest version of TotalChrom software which is fully CFR compliant. Will it be compatible with old...

TotalChrom missing results

We have been using TotalChrom for quite some time and now the software has decided to stop processing and printing data. Any suggestions as to what may have caused this?  My technicians now have to batch process data just to be able to...


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