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Introducing the remarkable peqSTAR family - a high performance range of thermocyclers with PCR technology designed for the 21st century. The combination of high specification engineering and superior system control enables powerful, fast ramping, stable temperature control and a high level of system reliability. The 'touch screen' control, USB ports, LAN connection and the universal block for 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes result in unique ease of use. Various interchangeable blocks (96 Well, 384 Well, in situ, High Pressure or Motor Lid) are available for the peqSTAR thermocyclers.
Gradient Capability Yes
Gradient Accuracy ± .1 °C
Depth 36 cm
Height 31 cm
Width 29 cm
Power Requirements 90 - 260 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Peak Power 850 VA
Weight 13 kg (including block)
Additional Specifications General characteristics    
6 powerful Peltier elements with Long Life Technology    
6 control circuits with PT 1000 thermal probes    
Max. heating and cooling rate: 5 °C/s    
Block uniformity (at 72 °C): ± 0.25 °C    
Temperature range thermoblock: 4 to 105 °C    
Regulating accuracy: ± 0.1 °C    
Adjustable ramping: 0.1 to 2.0 °C/s    
Increment/decrement time: 0:01 to 9:59 minutes    
Increment/decrement temperature: 0.1 to 9.9 °C    
Temperature range heatable lid: 70 to 120 °C    
Programmable lid locking    
4 x USB, 1 x Ethernet port (MS Windows®)    
Gradient feature (optional)    
Maximum gradient over 12 columns: 39.8 °C (± 19.9 °C)    
Temperature range, gradient: 35 to 105 °C    
Upgradeability on-the-spot    
User Interface/Functions    
Touchsensitive TFT display (1/4 VGA, graphic, 16 colors)    
control via USB mouse possible    
Internal memory for 1000 typical PCR protocols    
in unlimited, self-created directories/subfolders    
Unlimited number of programs via network PC    
or using USB memory sticks    
PC software for convenient creation of PCR programs in the office    
Up to 99 steps per program    
Password protected user accounts with flexible access rights    
Online help    
Calculator for melting temperature and elongation time    
GLP reports for the continuous recording of all runs    
Quick-start function for the last program executed    
Auto-restart after power failure    
Instant incubation mode    
Interchangeable block options    
96 well universal block and heatable lid with automatic height adjustment for 96 x 0.2 ml tubes, 96 well PCR plates or 48 x 0.5 ml tubes having flat caps    
96 well block and High Pressure Lid (HPL, 100 - 250 N) for the leak-proof closure of 96 well PCR plates    
384 well block and High Pressure Lid (HPL, 100 - 250 N) for the leak-proof closure of 384 well PCR plates    
In situ block with integrated buffer reservoir for up to 4 microscope slide


  • extremely simple operation through a user friendly touch screen or mouse    
  • simple PCR program loading and modification via USB or network connection    
  • fast ramping and cooling rates without expensive silver thermoblocks    
  • no overshoots and quick temperature stabilization at programmed temperature    
  • high temperature accuracy and uniformity across the block    
  • a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty    


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