New Brunswick Scientific PourMatic MP-1000


PourMatic MP-1000

The MP-1000 PourMatic , which has up to 320 plates can be poured and stacked in about 20 minutes without operator intervention. This unit is an automated dish-filling system that produces high quality agar plates at low cost. In only 20" (52 cm) of bench space, this self-stacking automated dish filler pours up to 900 plates per hour or 320 plates per carousel. Without operator intervention, the PourMatic aseptically dispenses agar into 100 or 60 mm Petri dishes and stacks the sterile plates in a carousel for cooling.
PourMatic MP-1000
Depth 61 cm
Height 86.4 cm
Width 52 cm
Additional Specifications Capacity: 320 Dishes
Applications: Dish-filling for Agar Plates
Dish Sizes: 100 x 15 and 60 x 15 mm
Throughput: 900 plates/hr


  • Dish Sizes: 100 x 15 mm and 60 x 15 mm,
  • Capacity: Volume Adjustable from 5 - 40 mL,
  • Dispensing: Repeatability + 0.5 mL / Accuracy Within + 5%, Carousel
  • Speed: Selectable speeds to achieve gentle dish transfer when working with large fill volumes
  • Optical Sensors: Automatic shuts off operation and sounds alarm
  • Alarms: Indicate upside down dish, half dish, or jammed dish
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Electrical: 100/120V Phase 1 50/60Hz 480VA MP-100
  • Display: Digital


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