Thermo Scientific ISQ Single Quadrupole


ISQ Single Quadrupole

The Thermo Scientific* ISQ* system offers rugged and reliable performance and nonstop productivity.    
The Thermo Scientific ISQ GC-MS features a new source design ideal for continuous high-throughput operation. The vacuum interlock enables source removal without venting the system for nonstop productivity.
ISQ Single Quadrupole
Detector DynaMax XR detection system, with off-axis dynode, discrete dynode electron multiplier and electrometer, linear from 0-68µA
Additional Specifications Standard Mode: Electron Ionization (EI), with full scan, SIM, and sequential full scan/SIM    
Optional Mode(s): Chemical ionization, including PCI, NCI, PPINICI* and EI/CI Combination    
Ion Source Type: ExtractaBrite EI source, with repeller, source lenses, RF lens and dual filaments in all ionization modes    
Source Access: Vacuum probe interlock to remove entire source or change ionization modes without venting    
Mass Filter: Dual-stage mass filter with off-axis ion guide and solid, homogeneous non-coated quadrupole rods    
Mass Range: 1.2-1100u with unit mass resolution    
Scan Rate: Up to 11,111 u/sec    
Scan Cycles: 65 scans/sec to disc when scanning across 125u    
Reagent Gas: Software-switchable dual reagent gas with digital flow control    
Pumping Systems: Standard capacity (>60L/s) or high-capacity (>230L/s), or extended capacity (300L/s) turbomolecular pump with 3.3 m3/h mechanical pump; Optional oil-free scroll pump    
Electron Energy: Adjustable from 0 to 150eV    
Emission Current: Up to 350µA, with improved regulation at low current


  • ExtractaBrite* source for analytical robustness and flexibility and vacuum interlock for Full-Source Removal without venting    
  • Mass range from 1.2-1100 u    
  • S-Shaped Ion Guide for noise reduction    
  • Data acquisition rates to match fast chromatography    
  • Sequential full scan/SIM for qualitative and quantitative analysis in a single injection    
  • Intelligent dual filament control for reliable operation    
  • QuanLab* Forms layered application software for easy acquisition, review and reporting of general GC-MS data    
  • Chemical ionization, including PCI for molecular weight confirmation, NCI for enhanced selectivity and sensitivity, with PPINICI standard for alternating PCI and NCI scans in a single injection    
  • Choice of gas chromatographs to match GC performance to the analytical needs of your lab    
  • DEP/DIP direct sample probes for sample analysis without separation    
  • Range of injection port options, all with available large-volume capabilities for enhanced sensitivity and reduced sample preparation needs    
  • EnviroLab* Forms and ToxLab* Forms for workflow oriented data acquisition, review and reporting according to specific market needs    
  • Liquid and headspace autosampler options    
  • Compatible with additional sample introduction techniques, such as thermal desorption, purge and trap and solid phase microextractio    


ISQ Single Quadrupole GC-MS

ISQ Single Quadrupole GC-MS

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