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Saturn 2000

Saturn 2000 ion trap GC/MS system, the most widely used ion trap GC/MS in the world



Saturn 2000

Saturn 2000

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Changes have occurred to the Varian, Inc. product lines. On May 14, 2010, Agilent Technologies completed the acquisition of Varian, Inc. (Varian), a supplier...

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Rising Baseline after filament change

After replacing a blown filament, and performing the bakeout, the normally flat chromatogram now slowly rises with a big spike up at the end. Does not seem to be a water or leak issue, nor a contamination issue in the trap. Any ideas/help?

Foreline Pump Issue

We have recently changed the oil in the forline pump, and since have not been able to get the MS portion to turn back on. When we do try to switch on the MS, the pump makes a loud gurgling noise and automatically switches itself off. Any advice...

Varian Saturn 2000 Pump Error

We have a Varian GCMS (CP3500 GC/Saturn 2000 MS).  The turbo pump won't go past 12%.  After 10-15 minutes, "Pump Error: Control Fault Occurred".  I can't figure out what's wrong or how to fix it, or who might do...

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Varian Saturn 2100/2200/2000 , 3900GC,CP 8200 Autosampler

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